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Who are we?


We Are Puerto Rico is a privately owned development corporation, that is integrating new generation water, energy, and agricultural technologies to empower local communities within Puerto Rico. We Are Puerto Rico partners with CubicFarms Systems, Advanced Regenerative Agriculture, Liquid Phi and Spano Partners to create water, energy and food security to stimulate local economies.

The clear vision of the company is to re-empower the people of Puerto Rico to successfully achieve economic and social independence by addressing primary needs of nutrition, energy and education.

We establish local farms using the patented undulating path growing system of CubicFarms, Liquid Phi water technology and Spano Partner's leading solar technologies. Our core focus is to locally develop water, energy and food resources for local consumption.


Our Operations


We Are Puerto Rico combines water, energy, agriculture, regeneration and education at a local level to revitalize economic and social sustainability.

Food security, job creation, water treatment and conservation, new innovations in solar energy, education and regeneration are high priorities for investors & governments worldwide.

We have identified a prime site in Puerto Rico that brings all facets of revitalization in one place, to create a flagship project that we will use as a model for world-wide duplication.


Why Vertical Farming?

VerticalVsTraditional Farming

Key Differences Between Traditional Ag & Vertical Farming

As with all industries, technology plays a key role in the operation of the $7.8 trillion AgriFood industry, responsible for feeding the planet and employing well over 40% of the global population. The pace of innovation has not kept up with other industries and today agriculture remains the least digitized of all major industries.





WE ARE PR & CubicFarm System's

Produce is grown hydroponically in trays, without soil. Plants are grown in their natural horizontal position, and utilize gravity to ensure even distribution of water and nutrients, ensuring even growth of every plant on each tray to maximize yield.


Advanced Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture, clean & renewable energy, water & sanitation, markets and management.


Luna Liquid Phi

LUNA is a liquid crystalline mineral concentrate, just like you would find coming out of a heavy mineral spring. This concentrate is used to seed filtered water and create living spring water on tap


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